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‘Marieke puts speakers at ease, but also asks thought-provoking questions. She has a lot of expertise, dives into the subject and makes the event the best it can be.’
Peter D’Angremond – Fairtrade The Netherlands
host, moderator, presenter

I’d love to host your event, talk show or press conference

Are you organising a live or online event? A meeting, conference, talk show, press conference or award ceremony? Whether it’s about ethical chocolate, the future of fashion, climate adaption, better laws or true pricing, conscious communication, blockchain or transparent banking – I’ll moderate your gathering with commitment, positivity and know-how.

I’ve worked for amongst others Netflix, Dutch Design Week, Amnesty International, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Food Day, the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, Fairtrade International and many more. I’m regularly requested for my near-native English skills, which is just the biggest compliment. Maybe I’ll present your next event?
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‘Marieke moderated our event: an extremely successful performance. She’s friendly, positive and committed – perfect for the audience. Working with Marieke is wonderful too, she notices everything and leaves nothing to chance, without losing spontaneity.’
Herma Kwakkenbos – Schuttelaar & Partners

Some examples

Amongst others, I recently presented the Netflix national press conference, a daily talk show at Dutch Design Week, the Youth for Climate Adaptation Summit with Ban Ki-moon, several events about the future of our food system and the worldwide press conference of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (hit the button to see me in action there). I also love award ceremonies, annual meetings, cultural performances...  
‘Marieke presented our press conference, and did a brilliant job. She was extremely professional and well-prepared, but makes that look effortless. She comes across really well on screen, and led the roundtable discussion so superbly, that all participants wondered which TV talk show Marieke hosts that they don’t know about.’
Janey van Ierland – Netflix

TV presenter about sustainability

TV show Inside-Out and more

I am the sustainable lifestyle expert of Dutch television show BinnensteBuiten (‘InsideOut’), where I showcase innovative initiatives in the Netherlands that make the world a better place. I’m so happy I get to tell these stories, and can help put the work of so many great people on the map. Also, I regularly feature as a guest in Dutch and international broadcasts, podcasts and other media, to comment on current developments in sustainability.
Examples? Here

Let’s make it happen

This is where you can reach, book or follow me. Please feel free to get in touch, I look forward to meeting you!
Are you looking to cooperate with an independent, non-sponsored expert? Then we’ll be a great team.
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