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Eco Age –
Why The Commercialisation Of Our Body Image Is Putting The Planet At Risk

An article on Livia Firth’s Eco Age website, about the relationship between sustainability and shame, my book and work, and movement #SustainabilityAgainstShame.


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My TEDxtalk


This is my TEDxtalk ‘How the pressure to look good, prevents us from doing good’.


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Wasted Tales –
the Podcast

In this podcast I embody a plastic bottle called Penelope, who gets discarded, ends up in the canals, gets rescued and is then melted into polyester fabric for a jacket. It’s a part of a series of stories about the world behind the stuff we use, and where it goes after we bin it (not to waste!).


Only 15 minutes – click on the image to listen. Enjoy!

‘When you say sustainable living, you say Marieke Eyskoot.’

Newspaper de Volkskrant

Good on You – This is Marieke Eyskoot’s Guide to Sustainable Living

The Green Hub – This is a Good Guide for a Sustainable Lifestyle

What Design Can Do – Piles of Information for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Filippa K Circle – Marieke Eyskoot: We All Want a Better World, Right?

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  • Green Dreamer –
    How Body Shaming Drives Mindless Consumption and the Importance of Self-Affirmation in Eco-Living
  • Hatch – How Doing Good Can Be Combined With Doing Business
  • Four Corners – The Faces Behind Your Clothes

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