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Conscious TEDxtalk

Speaking about a more sustainable world is my happy place. I love being on stage and connecting with the audience, for instance during TEDxtalks. This latest one is called ‘How the pressure to look good, prevents us from doing good’, about the connection between shaming and sustainability. As long as we’re being told we’re not good enough, and we can solve that by buying more and more, going to be really hard to behave more consciously. This is the kind of keynote I love to give, that contains something you haven’t heard before, gives new insights or motivates you.

‘The response is jubilant: she gives exactly the information everyone is looking for. Marieke is very professional, content-wise perfectly prepared, but she’s also a great improviser. And she really connects with the audience.’
Asceline Groot – ASN Bank

Original, hands-on and encouraging

Whether it’s a few minutes or a full-blown keynote: I’ll tell a motivating, personal story, offer practical tips and life-changing facts (or a mix, of course). Always with plenty of room for questions and interaction. 

Lots of friends, colleagues or customers would like to live or work more sustainably, but don’t know how. ‘Where to start, what do I look out for, where can I buy it?’ I’ve got answers.

I speak at (online and offline) events and festivals, at organisations and companies, schools and panels. I regularly get recommended for my near-native English proficiency (which is a huge honour). Amongst many others, I’ve worked for Eurostar, the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, adidas, Rio Ethical Fashion Week, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Youth Climate Movement, Mississippi State University and Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit.
Do get in touch if you feel I could be a good addition to your event. 
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My sustainable top tips

We’re keen to make more sustainable choices when it comes to clothes, personal care, food or gadgets, but something seems to hold us back. What is that? We buy more than we can wear or eat, don’t automatically choose quality of quantity and are easily seduced. Is living more ethically too expensive or hard, or does it also have to do with how we’ve been taught to think (and shop)? I’ll tell you all about it during these keynotes. And about the benefits and joy of conscious living. Take back your freedom: looking good, doing good and feeling good starts now.

I talk about, for instance

  • Doable tips for sustainable fashion, food, beauty, home, work and leisure
  • The advantages and misconceptions of green living
  • The impact of the pressure to look good on our ability to do good (see also my movement #SustainabilityAgainstShame)
  • First-hand experiences of the people and world behind your clothes, computer or chocolate
  • Current developments: the new economy, consuming, sharing/swapping/renting, transparency and true price, fast/slow food or fashion, greenwashing, trend analysis, feminism and equal rights

I work as a voice-over too

I also thoroughly enjoy working as a voice-over. I’ve worked as a newsreader and presenter for radio station AmsterdamFM, and now give voice to video’s, announcements, audio tours, live keynotes (and love to impersonate public transport announcers). Listen to an example of my (British) English speaking voice on Spotify.
‘Our event drew a diverse crowd, but the feedback was unanimously positive: a very appealing story and performance!’
Patricia Braaksma – Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Let’s make it happen

This is where you can reach, book or follow me. Please feel free to get in touch, I look forward to meeting you!
Are you looking to cooperate with an independent, non-sponsored expert? Then we’ll be a great team.
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+31 (0)6 41429881

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