‘Marieke is a real game changer. She aims for what she believes in, and is great at what she does. Every time we’ve been fortunate enough to work with her as a consultant, has been a true joy.’

Suzanne Smulders, LENA the fashion library

Do you have a (web)shop, brand, an agency or a good idea? Then I’d like to help you! I advise both startups and established entrepreneurs and labels, about starting or running a brand in an ethical and contemporary way, authentic communication, real transparency, certification, buying, materials, working conditions and a sustainable office or strategy. I can give you a quick boost or lead the process from start to finish. Do get in touch if you feel I could be of use.


‘Marieke is an important expert regarding sustainable fashion and lifestyle for us. We’re very happy with the special projects we’ve collaborated on, and frequently send brands to her for consultancy. She brings heaps of knowledge, commitment and energy to the table. We look forward to continue making the world a better place together.’

Monique Messelink, ASN Bank

Some of the questions I can answer

– How to source responsibly
– How to set up a long-term sustainable collection
– How to work ethically
– How to communicate honestly and effectively
– How to reach your audience
– How to combine style and sustainability
– How to make your office more sustainable
– How to use sustainability to your advantage


We must learn to use things and love people, and not love things and use people

I look forward to exploring possibilities to cooperate

Let’s get in touch and see how we can improve your business and the world at the same time.

I’ve also written a book you might find interesting

I speak at events too about many of the issues on this page

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