‘If you’d like to live better, buy this book.’

Katharine Hamnett

This is a Good Guide – revised

If there’s anything that this time has made very clear, it’s that we can’t continue like this. Change is needed – but how? This book has the answers. It’s the fully revised edition of global bestseller This is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle. It shows you what you can do about climate change and how to contribute to a better world.

With a new foreword by outspoken sustainable fashion publicist, intersectional feminist and all-round shero Aja Barber, 10 extra pages and updated information about major movements (anti-racism, body liberation, environmental action, #SustainabilityAgainstShame), groundbreaking initiatives, hands-on dos and don’ts, zero waste suggestions, worldwide brands, (online) stores and much more.

‘Green is no longer boring, expensive or complicated, on the contrary, it’s more enjoyable than ever. The advantages of sustainable living, according to expert Marieke Eyskoot. Her guide comes at exactly the right time.’

Harper’s Bazaar NL

It’s filled with practical and positive tips regarding fair fashion, clean beauty, real food, eco travel and a low-impact home, and shows that stylish and sustainable go very well together. And that it’s about good, not perfect: about being smart, doing what you can and what suits you. With this modern, definitive handbook, sustainable lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot makes green and ethical living doable and cool. Solid solutions, inspiring insights, surprising facts, innovative brands and the right addresses – exactly what you need. After all, doing good and feeling good at the same time: does it get any better than that?

‘This is exactly the guide we need, at exactly the right time. Read it, share it and act!’ – Safia Minney, ethical fashion trailblazer

‘This book has changed my life. I now only buy from the shops and brands in it, and really feel empowered to help make a difference.’

‘This is our favourite gift for friends.’

‘I know where I can buy sustainable clothes, food and beauty products, I know what choices I can make, what to look out for and even what to study. Thank you!’

> New interviews with amongst others writer and activist Jo Lorenz, Patrick Duffy (of Global Fashion Exchange) and Sophie Hellyer, former pro-surfer and environmentalist. (The book contains more interviews with leading frontrunners such as Livia Firth, Green Kitchen Stories, Katharine Hamnett and Andrew Morgan.)

> Updated global brands, (online) stores, restaurants, local destinations from America, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, New-Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and beyond

> This third print run is a paperback! A little cheaper and a little lighter to ship. 288 pages, full-colour, printed on FSC-paper with plant-based ink from renewable, raw materials

> Available in Europe from now on, in Australia from April and the US from July, through many cool (online) concept and book stores (a.o. AKO, American Book Center, BIS Publishers, Bol.com, Libris, Waterstones, WHSmith), as well as most local Amazon-sites, Book Depository and good book shops, for approximately 22 euros

‘I love everything about this book. A must-read full of hope and practical ways to reclaim our power.’

Andrew Morgan, director The True Cost

And yes, there is an e-book too!

Indeed, and you can get it for a little short of 20 euros at for instance BIS Publishers, Bol.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and your local Amazon. It’s cheaper, nice and light, and if you put it on your phone, you can take the book everywhere with you. So handy! We’ve made a video of the insides of the hardcover in case you’d like to see more; you can find it here. (I have to be honest though: this version is not as good-looking as the hardcover one… But you do save on paper, and that’s the main thing really – right?).

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There is a Dutch language version of this book too
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