Welcome to my website! My name is Marieke Eyskoot, I’m a sustainability expert, speaker, presenter, writer and consultant – and I look forward to making the world a better place together.

This is my book

In which I tell you everything I know
about a sustainable lifestyle. (The fully revised
and updated fourth edition is out now!)

Today is a great day
for a great day

Dear audience

As a keynote speaker, I often and passionately share my tips and solutions about sustainable fashion & lifestyle, modern living, how we’re being shamed into buying, positive choices and a better world behind our stuff with a wide range of audiences. I’ve spoken at events of for instance Eurostar (in a moving train!), Ace & Tate, the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, Rio Ethical Fashion, Mississippi State University, and at TEDx. I’d love to make you (and your crowd) experts too.


‘Marieke is an absolute expert on sustainable fashion and lifestyle, walking the walk and talking the talk. She’s critical, generous, constructive, and has integrity and personality. She can inspire and charm people: she’s the perfect guide.’

actress and sustainable lifestyle ambassador Thekla Reuten


I’m a versatile presenter and moderator

And it’s one of my most favourite things ever. I am a presenter for Dutch TV programme BinnensteBuiten (InsideOut) and regularly host off- and online events, meetings and press conferences. They range in subject from ethical (and tasty!) chocolate, better laws and fair fashion to news about films and series, sustainable communication and responsible banking. I work for companies and organisations such as Netflix, Movies that Matter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stichting DOEN, Social Impact Day and NRC Live. Maybe I’ll present your future event as well?

INTRODUCING #SustainabilityAgainstShame
The movement that stops shaming for profit and saves the world

Many advertisements and articles use a form of shame to sell us products. This not only makes us feel bad about ourselves, it also makes it nearly impossible to behave sustainably: in order to be okay, we need to keep buying. Now we’re unhappy, the planet’s unhappy, only for financial gain of the happy few. Enough is enough!

as seen in

‘If you'd like to live better, buy this book.’

Katharine Hamnett


Glamour NL

I know quite a bit

about sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, conscious lifestyle, real communication, modern business strategies, corporate social responsibility and the new economy. How do you set up a future-proof brand, how to be a social entrepreneur, how to communicate spot-on and strong? As consultant and expert, I’ve got your back. Do you have, or are you starting, a (online) store, brand or something completely new?

currently, 8 men together have the same amount of money
as the poorest half of the world population combined

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