‘Marieke moderated our event: an extremely successful performance. She's friendly, positive and committed – great for the audience. Working with Marieke is wonderful too, she notices everything and leaves nothing to chance, without losing spontaneity. For the organisers, this is perfect.’

Herma Kwakkenbos, Schuttelaar & Partners


Creating an amazing journey through an event can be magical, and really make a difference for people. I am an experienced presenter, and often host and moderate (offline and online) meetings. They’re mostly about conscious, contemporary, forward subjects. I am regularly requested for my near-native English skills, which is just the biggest compliment.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I hosted a session during the Dutch EU chairmanship. I am the moderator of the annual international Chocoa conference for the chocolate sector, and presented for amongst others Fairtrade International, Dutch Design Week, Amnesty International, ASN Bank and World Food Day.


‘We’ve called upon Marieke multiple times to host our events. Both in the Netherlands and internationally, she has done an excellent job. She knows how to put speakers and guests at ease, but at the same time is capable of initiating a compelling conversation, by asking the right questions. Her sustainability expertise aids this – but my experience with Marieke is that she doesn’t just lean on that. While preparing, she dives deep into the subject, and constructively thinks with us about how to best structure the event or certain topics. Seen like that, Marieke is not just the moderator of a successful event, but a communication consultant too.’

Peter D’Angremond, director Fairtrade The Netherlands

Some of the types of (off/online) events I’ve moderated and hosted​

– (Annual) company conferences
– General meetings of organisations
– Events about specific topics, such as the future of fashion, transparency in supply chains, accountability law, farmers in food, ethical practices in chocolate, innovation in logistics and much more
– Award shows, such as the Future Food Design Awards and the ASN Bank sustainable entrepreneur competition
– Store openings, pop-up shop evenings, cultural performances, or maybe your next event?

‘Her English is amazing, sometimes I don't even notice she's not from the UK!’

I’d love to explore how we can cooperate

Do get in touch if you need a meeting moderator, event presenter, award-show host or other type of presenter.

I’m also a keynote speaker about all things sustainable

Feel you might need some advice on ethical communication first?

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