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Privacy statement

I will only use your e-mail address to send out my newsletter. I do this via Omnisend. Of course you have the right to see, change or delete your personal data (in this case, your e-mail address), and to withdraw your permission for use. You’ve also got the right to data portability, so I will also send your details to someone else, if you ask me to. Send me a message at hallo@mariekeeyskoot.nl, and I’ll get right to it. Needless to say, I will never ever give your e-mail address to someone without your permission (except if it would save your life).

Independent, sponsor-free zone

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made it my policy to never place paid posts. The information you’ll read on my social media or elsewhere is there because I think it’s worthwhile to talk about, not because I’m getting something out of it, one way or another. As I say it in my book: no brand, store or initiative has – in any way, shape or form – paid to be featured. Being independent is in my opinion key to my work, and the only way to inform you of your sustainable choices. I want to treat every initiative the same, and not give some more attention because they can pay for it. I belong to no-one and everyone, as an ambassador for a sustainable lifestyle. A better, fairer, more equal world for me is not about commercialised input, but about clear, free, unattached knowledge. Knowledge is power, and therefore extremely valuable and vulnerable at the same time. I’ve never placed a sponsored post, but have been approached more and more lately, which is why I felt I had to make my approach more formal. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes feel a slight pang about the money or items I have to let go, as I could often really use it. But hey, it’s not about the bucks – and I hope you don’t mind I make up for it by promoting my book a little extra now and again…

Thank you

These amazing people support me and provide me with advise, for which I am eternally grateful:
Communication and all-round goalkeeper: Edmé Koorstra
Coaching and strategy: Louise van Deth
Design and branding consultancy: Sara Dubbeldam and Jordi van Baaren

The style of this website is designed by: Sarah Meers
The portraits on this website are by: Melody Lieftink, MUAH by: Sjarde Kirioma
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