‘Our event drew a diverse crowd, but the feedback was unanimously positive: a very appealing story and performance!’

Patricia Braaksma, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

My TEDxtalk


How the pressure to look good, prevents us from doing good



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Give me a microphone, and I’m off – inspiring your audience with a keynote about sustainable lifestyle. I’ll present a lecture containing life-changing facts, a motivational, personal story or lots of possibilities for action (or a mix, of course). Always with plenty of room for questions and interaction. Because many people, colleagues or clients would like to live or work better, but just don’t know how. ‘Where do I start, what do I look out for, where do I buy it?’ I know the answers. I give them at events and companies, (fashion) schools and festivals, in stores or panels, offline or online. My English proficiency is near-native – moreover, I am regularly recommended because of my language skills, which is a huge honour.


‘The response is jubilant: she gives exactly the information everyone is looking for. Marieke is very professional, content-wise perfectly prepared, but she's also a great improviser. And, she really connects with the audience.’

Asceline Groot, ASN Bank

I give people the feeling that it’s possible. That they can feel good and do good at the same time. And what could be better than that? It’s not about perfect, but about smart choices and clever solutions. They can contribute to a better world, whether they are clients, customers or consumers. I offer surprising insights, useful tips and tricks and inside information (sshhht).

Whether you prefer a general lecture, or a customised talk for your specific audience or company: we’ll find the right fit that captures the imagination of the people at your event, changes their view of their own capacity and improves their lives. I’ve worked amongst others for Eurostar, the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, Ace & Tate, Mississippi State University, Budapest Fashion & Tech Summit and Rio Ethical Fashion.

I speak about, for instance

– Hands-on tips for sustainable fashion, food, beauty, home, work and leisure
– The advantages (better quality, new options and tastes, saving opportunities, more value for money, improved health – and karma of course) and misconceptions (expensive, hard to find, not stylish) of sustainable living
– The impact of the pressure to look good on our ability to do good (see also my movement #SustainabilityAgainstShame)
– First-hand experiences of the world behind your clothes, computer or chocolate
– Shifts in culture: new economy, consuming, sharing, swapping, renting, transparency, fast/slow food or fashion and sustainability, green, eco, ethical and fair practices, trend analysis

My first TEDxtalk


If your clothes could talk (2011)




‘Marieke has a great voice, everyone loves listening to her. She should be on the radio!’

Sara Dubbeldam, When Sara Smiles

I’m a voice-over too

I love working with my voice – especially in English. Because of my near-native British accent, I am often sought out for English language projects. You can hear me in the TEDxtalk on top of this page. For two years I was a newsreader at radio station AmsterdamFM, and stand-in presenter. I’ve also worked as an event voice and announcer at festivals and trade shows. I very much enjoy ‘spoken word’-performances (sometimes where you’ll only hear but not see me). I also do infomercials, voice response systems and audio tours and books. Click the picture of me to hear me on the podcast Wasted Tales, portraying the character of a plastic bottle (15 mins, in English). Click on the image of the listener for some (Dutch – for now!) examples of other voice work. I can’t wait to create a vocal experience for and with you.

I’d love to work with you

Do get in touch if you feel I could be a good addition to your event as a keynote speaker
(or if you need a warm voice people trust).

I present and moderate meetings and events too

Or maybe you’re also interested in this book?

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